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Giving my UK cat to my family in Sweden

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  • Giving my UK cat to my family in Sweden


    I hope you can help me because I am in a bit of situation. I live in the UK and I have a cat that does not get along with the other and after many trials, I am thinking of giving him to my family in Sweden. I understand that it seems a bit extreme but I know that he will be very happy there and he will still be part of the family.
    However when I read the information from transporting cats from UK to Sweden, it seems that you have to declare that you are not transferring ownership. Do you know if this is correct and if other regulations apply if you want to give your cat to someone rather than moving with the cat.
    Any help is very appreciated!

    Thank you

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    Re: Giving my UK cat to my family in Sweden

    Will the cat be traveling unaccompanied? If yes, then technically, commercial regulations will apply. If you accompany the cat, then you should be able to fly under the Pet Travel Scheme regulations. (microchip, rabies vaccination, EU Pet Passport)