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Travelling from the Philippines to the US

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  • Travelling from the Philippines to the US

    I moved to the US a year ago and I left my chihuahua, Zara, in the Philippines. This December, I'm going back to the Philippines and I want to take her back with me. The time I've been away from her has been absolutely heart-breaking and if I don't take her with me then, I won't be able to for a long long time. I know December is ways away, but I'm already stressing out, because I need this to all go smoothly so she can come into the US with me.

    She's 2 years old and around 5 lbs, with no medical issues. I don't want her to put her in as checked baggage. She's such a small dog, I'm scared of something happening to her. I would die worrying, I want her in the cabin with me where I can see her and eliminate the possibility of her getting mishandled or lost.

    I also read that I need a health certificate to get her travel approval. What is that? Is it just a letter from the vet saying she's good to go, on just a blank piece of paper?

    Can you guys give me tips and recommended airlines to take her in with me? I'm already thinking Asiana Air, but I want to know what options we have, where I can take her in-cabin with me. And should I just get over it and check her in?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Travelling from the Philippines to the US

    Xkro - not sure about your route, but both Korean Air and AirAsia airlines will transport pets in the cabin. Most other Asian and Philippine-based airlines will not allow pets in the cabin. You should try to find an airline that will allow your pet in the cabin. Just be careful about changing airlines until after you clear customs in the US.

    Your veterinarian may have an international health certificate, but there are also links to instructions and a health certificate here: Your Chi must also have a rabies certificate (from your vet) and a screwworm test between one and five days of entering the US.