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Importing a pup from Serbia

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  • Importing a pup from Serbia

    Hi, does anyone know if a pup coming to the UK from Serbia has to go into quarantine when it arrives or would just require the same as a pup coming from within the EU?
    The pup will be microchipped, have pet passport, export pedigree and rabies injection 21 days before travelling to UK.

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    Re: Importing a pup from Serbia

    Stevolad - Serbia is considered a high-rabies country by the EU, so the procedure required to import a pup is as follows: 1. microchip 2. rabies vaccination (in that order) 3. 30 day wait 4. blood titer test done by your vet 5. 90 day wait. An Annex IV form is required when you are accompanying your pet and an Annex I form if you are not. Tapeworm treatment is also required. More details here: