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to Peru from Jamaica - 1 dog 1 human

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  • to Peru from Jamaica - 1 dog 1 human


    my human and i need to get from Jamaica to Peru by september, or sooner... internet etc here are, well, (insert rant, but glad to have at all), makes finding information and answers difficult... looking for advice, answers, airlines, alternatives - i suspect alternatives to commercial airlines are probably well beyond budget, but it's not THAT far, maybe there is some other way? boat? small something, local something, i don't know, haven't done this before, so i'm asking!

    thank you

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    Re: to Peru from Jamaica - 1 dog 1 human

    Mr. Myrtle - the challenge you have with bringing your dog to Peru from Jamaica is getting it vaccinated for rabies. We are not aware of any exception to this requirement. What we normally advise pet owners leaving Jamaica to do is to apply to the Center for Disease Control in the US to enter without a vaccination (as it is illegal in Jamaica) and have your pet vaccinated in the US. There will be a wait period of 30 days ( before you can enter Peru and you will also need to apply for an import permit. Know that your pet cannot return to Jamaica once it leaves the country. Not sure if this solution is acceptable to you.