Hello, my husband and I are considering a move to Sweden in the future (Maybe sooner than later) and we'll need to bring our two cats with us, of course. As far as I can tell, there are no direct flights between here (Japan) and Sweden, so we would have to take a layover somewhere.

I'm very concerned that the first leg of this hypothetical trip would be *minimum* ten hours, maybe as much as twelve. Has anyone here ever flown with cats for such a long (12-14+ hours in planes alone) trip? I'd like to give my cats (and myself!) a chance to rest/eat/drink/poop between flights. Being able to spend the night at our layover airport would be amazing. But I'm afraid it would be impossible because of permit rules.

If for example, we had our layover in AMS or HEL, would we need a transit permit? What would the limits of said permit be? How long would we be allowed to stay in the airport? Are there any pet friendly places to stay within the limits of the airport so that our transit permit is still valid?

I'm hoping to fly with the cats in cabin, for whatever difference that makes.

Is this a feasible idea at all, or should we just not stop flying until we get to Sweden? Any advice is much appreciated!