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Traveling with two dogs from USA to Swiss

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  • Traveling with two dogs from USA to Swiss

    HI everybody, I was trying to find a similar subject on the forum but, no one seems to go the same way. So if someone can help figure out how to do this.
    Me and my family will be relocating from San Francisco to Zurich, and I am very concerned about the dogs transportation issues. I have a small dog, well, for my standards, 55 lbs German Shepard-boxer mix, one year old, extremely well behaved, and friendly dogy, and another one 15 months German Shepard - Australian Shepherd mix, 65 Lbs. He is service dog/emotional support dog, extremely friendly, well behaved and trained. However, no matter how well trained you are, when you need to go, you need to go, whether you are dog or a human. That is my only issue i can not solve. The trip will be like, 11 hours, what do I do? Even after I get him in the cabin, and find him a place (really, how does that go, he is not a small dog?? I can hardly fit myself in the econ class sit, being 6'2, where do I put the dog and his bed??), what do we do with the bathroom issue? He will do everything on command, but not the "bathroom activity". I also have to solve the issue of the other one, can anyone suggest me the safest way to transport the dog on a plane if he is not in the cabin?

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    Re: Traveling with two dogs from USA to Swiss

    Score - your ESA must travel at your feet and must not interfere with cabin operations. You should try for the bulkhead seat; that you should do in advance. As for bathroom activity, you should control the food intake before traveling and make sure a long walk before flight is in order. Bring a pet pad or two with you in case of emergencies. As for your other pup, it will travel in the cargo hold as checked baggage as it is too large to fly in the cabin. Get it a good crate and acclimate it to the crate as soon as you can. Generally, pets traveling in the hold will fall asleep to the drone of the engines. You can find more tips here: