I’m from the USA and am currently trying to figure out how all the information I need to attend college full term in Ireland. I’ve contacted several schools and while all this is getting sorted out I’ve started to get worried about my cat. I have autism and severe anxiety and have a therapy animal who ideally would come with me, but I’m worried about a possible quarantine or stress from the flight. I have never flown with her before and have no experience of traveling with animals outside of car trips. I’d be traveling from New York so the flight would hopefully be a little over 6 hours, and since she’s a therapy animal she’d hopefully be on board with me in a pet carrier. I have several questions.

-she is up to date on all her vaccines and is microchipped. If there is a quarantine time she needs to fulfill could she spend it with me since she’s a service animal?
- she also has a chronic respiratory disease that’s prone to flaring up when she’s under stress which is why I’m so worried about her well being under a possible quarantine and during the flight.
-when I have traveled in cars with her she was well behaved in terms of noise and behavior but she tended to urinate/defecate in her crate when she got stressed. Would flight personnel be able to help me with disposing of her waste provided I brought pads/any necessary items to clean up after her?
-Does anyone have a general price range as well