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Lexie tranport from USA to Europe

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  • Lexie tranport from USA to Europe

    Hello everyone! My name is Gabriel! I really hope that someone can help me...In 2016 I adopted my sweet puppy Lexie from Rapid city shelter when she was just 8 weeks old. She is my best friend and my angel. Unfortunately last year I had to go back to Europe (Bulgaria) and I couldn’t take her with me at the moment. My plans were to arrange transportation for her but with Covid's situation, things become worse. I cannot go back to the USA... I am trying to find a way to bring her to me and I am starting to lose hope. I emailed a couple of transport companies and I got quotes starting from $5000 and more and I cannot afford it. Some of my friends flew and tried to take Lexie with them to Europe but also because of flight restrictions etc. we couldn’t bring her... .At the moment Lexie is in really good hands, she is living in a house with a big yard in Hermosa SD. They can bring her to Denver or even Chicago if has to. I remember all the good times we had in the black hills, her running behind the ATV, going to the lake and camping, and many more kinds of stuff. My heart is broken because she is not with me... Please if someone has any ideas/advice, has someone who might help, to share...How to transport her from the USA to Sofia, Bulgaria. I thought to make a Gofund me account but because I am not in the USA don’t have access to the website.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

    Regards, Gabriel!

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    Gabriel - remember that all unaccompanied pets must fly as air cargo which is more expensive than if a passenger accompanies your pup. Additionally, the airlines that are flying pets as air cargo currently have increased their rates significantly and the availability is more and more limited due to suspensions in service due to COVID.

    If you do not have anyone to accompany your pup, then we can quote you for air cargo. Go to [url][/url] and click on the GET A QUOTE link.