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Traveling with cats from USA to Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

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  • Traveling with cats from USA to Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

    I'm wondering about what are the necessary procedures to travel with cats from the U.S. To Saudi Arabia?! Someone told me that I must ratification health certificates from the Saudi consulate!! I live in Saudi Arabia/ Jeddah and I bought 2 cats from a breeder in the U.S., so I'm just coming there to bring them back with me, I know that I must extract a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture here in Jeddah, so my question is: is it necessary to ratification all health papers from the Saudi consulate if I already have the permit from the actual ministry of agriculture here in Saudi Arabia?!!!! I've called the Saudi Arabian airline in NY the said its a must!! But I've just got a cat from Istanbul last week, the Saudi Arabian counter guy told me I'm missing 1 paper for the cat that i must get from the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, I handled him the permit I've got then voila I'm done!! Just paid for it $150 as an extra luggage. Is it the same there??
    I even called the ministry of agriculture here and asked them about that, the guy told me it's not necessary anymore as long as I already extracted a permit from here, they used to ask ppl to go through this procedure before but not anymore since about a year!!
    I'm a bit afraid and lost I have to book everything before I get there.

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    Re: Traveling with cats from USA to Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

    Tamader - our advice is based on governmental regulations which state that consulate endorsement is necessary. Also, the health certificate will need to be endorsed by the State USDA office where your kitty is located. We cannot predict enforcement of the regulations, but certainly better than having your kitty returned or the airline refuse to transport it.