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Covid travel, cat from Ireland -> Republic of Georgia

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  • Covid travel, cat from Ireland -> Republic of Georgia

    I'm traveling with my adult cat from the EU into Republic of Georgia. He's got an EU pet passport and is up-to-date on his vaccinations, and we'll be flying through Tbilisi airport. However, I have a few questions that I'm having trouble finding answers to: His Feline Distemper & Upper Respiratory vaccine is due to expire November 3rd (we travel October 22), and was last given in 2017. For my trip to Georgia, do I need to get him vaccinated for this again prior to leaving, even though it will be up-to-date by the time I fly?
    Regardless of the answer above, is it better for me to get this vaccine done while in the EU so the pet passport can be updated with it?
    My vet signed and stamped an Export Health Certificate, but I'm having trouble identifying whether he needs anything else. Is this sufficient for Georgia? I see they don't need an import form.
    Is anyone taking other precautions for pets flying in covid times?
    Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

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    orangedove - it is better to get your cat revaccinated in the EU and have your veterinarian record the vaccination in your cat's EU Pet Passport. Your cat should also be vaccinated against Rinotraqueitis, Calicivirus and Panlucopenia. Of course, your cat should be microchipped. Regulations to import a cat to Georgia are here: [url][/url]. Your cat's EU Pet Passport can substitute for the health cert unless your airline requires one.


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      Thank you, Susan! I appreciate the guidance.