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Travelling pet from Seattle USA to Manila philippines

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  • Travelling pet from Seattle USA to Manila philippines

    I have two airlines in mind right now. Japan airlines and asiana airlines. Has anybody tried to travel their pet with this airlines if yes can you tell me about you experience. Has anybody also fly their dog going to the philippines during this covid

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    I shipped my two dogs and 1 cat over last year. process went as follows. 1.get vet certificate of health and vaccines. 2.get that stamped by the USDA 3.get that stamped by the philippine consulate do all this within like 10 days. 4.put em on a plane 5.get raped by NAIA customs agents before they release your pets to your wife. My pets didn't fly with me and I think that was my mistake as far as the cost of shipping which was 2,500 and then another 800 from Customs at NAIA

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