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Long haul travel from UK to Philippines for a former Guide Dog. Help!

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  • Long haul travel from UK to Philippines for a former Guide Dog. Help!

    Hi everyone! Sometime next year my husband and I are contemplating on relocating to the Philippines. My husband is registered partially blind and we would be taking with us his former Guide Dog, Chester. He would not longer be a guide dog then but a re-homed Guide Dog as he will be living with us permanently abroad. I have no idea about pet travels and I would love to get some feedback especially from those who had experienced sending their pets through a long-haul flight. Is it best to get a Pet Travel service who can ship him, rather than take him with us as excess baggage on the same flight? Would it be cheaper? How about stress? Would he be so stressed? I have heard horrible stories of pets dying on flight and I would not want that to happen to our Chester. He is not used to being left alone as he's been everywhere we go as a Guide Dog, he can enter anywhere he wants. But this time he would no longer be a Guide Dog so I am scared of how he will take long haul travel on his own. UK to the Philippines usually take between 14-20 hours, some even up to 30! Direct flight with Philippine Airlines from Heathrow to Manila takes 14 hours. Has anyone taken this route before? How did it go? What is the best airline to book with? Would our Chester be safer if we use a Pet Travel service? Any idea about the cost in using their service? Who takes care of the required papers? Who books the flight? Direct flights would be best but is Philippine Airlines equipped for this? Anyone with any experience using Pet Travel services? When do we start preparing? I still have so many questions in mind... All I want is the least stressful way for our Chester to travel and definitely no dying! Lol! I wish he can just travel with us on the cabin but I know it's not allowed. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

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    Re: Long haul travel from UK to Philippines for a former Guide Dog. Help!

    Hello - although an agent would definitely assist with the customs clearance process in the Philippines, they will use the same commercial methods that you will to book the flight. It is cheaper to fly with your dog as checked baggage without an agent, but you will need to take care of the paperwork and booking. You can find requirements to import your dog to Indonesia here: Let us know if you have questions after reviewing the material. You may want to consider having an agent assist with the customs clearance only.