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  • Travelling with a cat


    I am going to travel soon from US to France. I am moving there, and of course my cat will be with me. He is a small cat and I bought a ticket for him in the cabin. He is small enough to stay under my feet. This is the first time he will travel and I am afraid of taking him off the carrier many times. I want him to stay safe inside.
    According to your experience, do the flight companies take cats out of the cage many times or just once for the security?

    Thanks for answers and feedback

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    Hello Courbet - security will want to run the carrier through the x-ray machine so you will need to remove your cat for that. You can hold it and walk through the scanner yourself (depending on the scanner available at your airport). If you think that your cat will freak out, then request a room to remove your cat from the carrier. This will take more time; however, it is an option. If the security officer does not allow this, ask for a supervisor. All airlines can provide this room.

    There is no reason that we can think of to remove your cat from the carrier during check in.


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      Thanks Susan for your answer. Does anyone else experience a flight with a cat?


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        Yes I have travel with cat and the experience was amazing. I hold my cat in the arms and go for a security check. She was also very comfortable, doesn't freak out. Once all the checking has been done I was so relaxed.

        Hope you also came out from that!!


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          Hello Courbet- Traveling with your cat can be overwhelming for the both of you. But what I found would really help on the day of the travel date is to use a natural sedative which you would need to ask the Vet about and see what he or she recommends you use on your cat. But again, you would need to check with the Vet on that. Each cat is different so you have to check and see what the Vet recommends you.

          Moreover, there are actually a lot of over the counter sedatives which can be used on your cat and are safe to use (vet recommended). But again, I would highly recommend you check with the Vet on that as well prior to using on your cat.

          With all this said, what the sedative will do is calm your cat down if it is the type that freaks out during vet visits, grooming sessions, car rides, fireworks and etc.. And as pet parents we are always looking for tips and ideas to help us when traveling with our pets especially if it's our first time. I have come across this really nice article that lists some tips when traveling with your cat on an airplane. You can check it out for further tips if you want here is the link to it: [url][/url]

          Hope this helps, and good luck with your travel. I wish you the best and your cat. Stay safe.