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Moving to China for work, with my pet Turtle?

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  • Moving to China for work, with my pet Turtle?

    Hello, I have a pet Map Turtle that I am wanting to bring with me to China when I start work in September, does anybody know if that is possible? I have tried to search and the only information I could find was on other pets and nothing much about turtles? I am also searching for information about traveling with him (flying), if anybody knows of that as well. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

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    GaiusMarius - China only recognizes cats and dogs as pets. Likely you will need a permit to import if it is permitted. You should direct your inquiry to an agent in China who is familiar with the regulations to import turtles. You can search for one at We do not have offices in China and, as such, are not the best agents to assist you.