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Moving 2 dogs USA to Australia

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  • Moving 2 dogs USA to Australia

    Hi, we are moving from the USA to Australia and will be taking our 2 dogs with us. I have started the process (titer tests etc) but I am extremely worried about one of my dogs. Both are rescues but our big Labrador is extremely nervous and very noise reactive. He will be absolutely terrified on this journey, to the point he will likely vomit. I’ve been told by my shipping agent I can’t sedate him, however my vet says I need to seriously think about it as he will be petrified.

    is there any other way I can get him to Melbourne? Or any way around the edict of not giving him medication?

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    Unfortunately, we know of no other way to get live animals to Melbourne other than private jet charter which would be pretty expensive. What we would recommend is trying to acclimate your Lab to the crate. Get him out of the house in the crate. Go through an old-fashioned car wash with him in the crate and you in the car. More tips here: [url][/url] You can also test out an all natural pet calmer like these: [url][/url] Try them at home first. They just take the edge off.

    Try to fly from LAX if possible


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      Thanks Susan.

      We live in SC and have already decided that we will drive cross country to LA so that the dogs only have one flight to Melbourne instead of 2.

      I have had sleepless nights already worrying about him, I know there will be many more to come. If I had money, I definitely would do the private jet!


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        Preparation is the best thing you can do...