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Bangkok to NYC with layover in Shanghai

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  • Bangkok to NYC with layover in Shanghai

    I am looking into being a flight volunteer to help relocate a dog from Thailand to the United States. I already have a ticket purchased on China Eastern Airlines and am trying to find the answer to a few questions. My flight goes from Bangkok to Shanghai, has a 3 hour layover (same airline/change planes), then onward to New York City.

    Will there be a problem with the dog being transferred from the first plane to the second plane? Or will the dog have to go through a quarantine of some kind? Is this procedure controlled/determined by the airline itself OR the airport and its policies? If the airport, what are those policies - I cannot find them anywhere? There seems to be some common opinion that you should avoid having to transfer through a Chinese Airport but not actual, specific information as to why you shouldn't or what the specific policies are for animals having a layover and transferring from one plane to another.

    Is China Eastern Airlines safe for the dog? I understand there are some airlines that are more reputable than others. It seems like every airline has had its bad instances from time to time.

    Thank you for any information!

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    Re: Bangkok to NYC with layover in Shanghai

    Geoff - you should discuss the process to transit Shanghai airport with your airline. There should not be problems with holding your pet for 3 hours and transferring them to the next plane, but there may be a permit involved. The procedure is controlled by veterinary officials in China, but the airlines are aware of them. We cannot comment on whether China Airlines is a bad airline, but you should be a proactive traveler and demand to know that your pet has been boarded on the next flight. Also ask the airlines whether they check the pet during the layover.