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    i have 2 tarantulas about 4'' and i am living in canada. i am planning to go back to viet nam for a vacation and i want to bring them with me. i have searched the net and these are what i have gathered
    i found no info about traveling with exotic pets to viet nam and whether i can bring them to viet nam or not
    i cant find an airline that can ship my pet as a cargo package or airline that has exotic pet shipping and travel rules
    can some one please help me find information about this because i have tried for 2 weeks but i got no straight answer.

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    Tamminh - you will need an agent to handle the transport of your tarantulas. You can search for an agent in Canada at


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      Hi, Tamminh. Many pet-friendly airlines accept exotic/special animals like birds, hamsters, and ferrets such as Alaska Airlines. However, I am not sure whether they welcome spides traveling in the aircraft cargo. It's best to consult the pet transportation agency and prepare your trip as early as possible.
      Hope you have a nice trip!