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how to get through the security check with a dog that is travelling in the cabin

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  • how to get through the security check with a dog that is travelling in the cabin


    I'm travelling with my very healthy 11 year old bishop/shih tzu in a few months from Canada to Colombia, and the last time we did this journey (around 8 years ago) it was a lot different as the airline regulations forced her to travel in the cargo hold which was a fairly traumatic experience for her and us. This year we're giving it another shot, but this time we're ensuring she is with us the entire journey, but we're dealing with more questions than answers as regulations constantly change. she's used to being in a plastic kennel, but we're getting her a soft fabric one for this trip which we will obtain soon so we can get her used to it, she's also used to travelling by car, train, bus, etc and we have gone on a lot of long and short road trips with her so she's not totally confused by the moving around. we will be travelling with Air Canada for all the flights, both there and the return.

    we have a few questions:
    1) how are dogs in soft kennels who are travelling with their owner able to go through customs/ the security check? do they get passed through the metal detector?

    2) my dog is not officially a therapy dog, but she has fulfilled the role of a therapy dog for me - so she's used to being held and cuddled by me constantly, i even have a baby sling style carrier for her to be on my chest sometimes. Now that she's older she's a bit anxious, the baby sling helps but since I can't take her out of her carrier, we are trying to find an alternative way to deal with that and doing some googling we heard of tranquilizers being an option instead of a sedative since those are dangerous for dogs, is that a possibility ? and if yes, is it a good idea?

    3) as she's gotten older she also tends to be a little more bold and she can be a bit of a baby, so she gets whiny when she doesn't get what she wants, I definitely don't want her to make a fuss during the flight, do you have any recommendations?

    4) PET CARRIERS - the sizing is a bit stressful for us, for our trip we have to do a local flight and then an international flight... with there being two types of airplanes, based on air Canada's guide we worry that we will have problems because the best and most comfortable size for her is the bigger one, which is Height: 27 cm (10.5 in), Width: 40 cm (15.5 in), Length: 55 cm (21.5 in) which is not an issue for the international flight but the local flight seems to want a slightly smaller size.. the thing is she doesnt fit well in the smaller size. like it would be very uncomfortable for her. Could this be a serious issue for us? or since it is all with Air Canada, do you think they will understand and allow her with us anyways?

    our biggest worry is that they will send her through the cargo. it truly was a very traumatic experience for her and us, and we don't want a repetition of that situation
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    Laanrepa - you can read all about clearing airport security with a pet here: [url][/url]. As for sedatives, we do not recommend them but perhaps an all natural pet calmer may help calm your pet. These work great on our dogs: [url][/url]. As for the fussing, it may be helpful for you to better acclimate your pet to its carrier. You can find tips here [url][/url]. As for the carrier, there is a likely chance that your pet will be refused if the carrier is too small. If you have chosen a soft-sided carrier, then the height should not be as much of an issue. Generally, the airlines are a bit more generous on short, domestic flights as opposed to international flights.