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BA 2 Dogs Cargo Dec 2015

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  • BA 2 Dogs Cargo Dec 2015

    HI everyone. I am a new member from today. I need advice on BA cargo hold.
    I am about to put my 2 small Chihuahuas onto a 10.5 hours direct fight to San diego, from Heathrow.
    I am the only travelling with them two so, id rather do a direct flight as oppose to trying to find someone else to fly with me and go via France so they both can fly inside the cabin.
    They have had all their jabs done and the pet carrier I am using is PASSPORT FOR PETS.
    1) Had anyone used this pet handler agent before?
    They have given me a better quote than the rest. PETAIRUK, FLYPETS, AIRPETS. ETC
    2) What is it like in the cargo for the dogs?
    3) Do they strap their box real tight so it doesn't move at all in turbulence etc?
    4) Do they let you know that your dog is onboard safely and secure on the same flight as yourself?
    5) How did one manage while their dogs is on the same fight as themselves? Kept asking if temp is ok to the crew. Worry throughout. Nervous and anxious. ??
    6) On arrival, what happens to them While you are at POE to get through?
    7) Is it cold in the cargo? Or they have separate temp control to baggage?
    8) How is the baggage separated from the livestock?

    Just so concern. I have one anxious little chi, but I am dealing with pet remedy before flight in 2 months time to see if she will calm down.
    Vet says its normal as as long as shes in good health. Which she is.

    Just very worrying thinking how they will be treated when your back is turned. How they are feeling during the flight. Taking off and landing. Does it hurt their ears?

    Is there a pet travel incident report online to see if any mishaps has happened with BA or World cargo?

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: BA 2 Dogs Cargo Dec 2015

    Almorah - this is a licensed pet transporter who belongs to IPATA which is a worldwide organization for pet transporters. (we are a member as well). The airline will secure your pet's crates in an area dedicated to live animals and dim the lights in the hold so it is not as intimidating for your pets. They will most likely sleep to the drone of the engine. Good call on the direct flight. Remind the crew that your pets are traveling in the hold. You can request confirmation that your pups have been loaded at the gate. The hold is temperature and pressure controlled. Your transporter can tell you the details about the pick up.


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      Re: BA 2 Dogs Cargo Dec 2015

      Susan. Thank you so much on your helpful insight and obvious experience in this delicate matter. I really do appreciate you sharing those facts with me. It is all overwhelming an daunting as they are both so tiny, but they do not allow dogs in cabin or 2 small dogs to one passenger. So I had no choice. I do hope that them both shall sleep to the drone of the engine. As one is an anxious traveller, however the motion of a plane to a car, is probably vast different. Thank you again.


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        Re: BA 2 Dogs Cargo Dec 2015

        We can understand your concern. Be sure and get them used to their crates and take them out of their environment in them when you can. Always give them lots of praise when you unlock the doors when you get home. Get 2 cotton t-shirts and take a jog in the park - work up a sweat. Put them in their crates once dry, but don't wash them. Your scent will comfort them. Just a few hints.


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          Re: BA 2 Dogs Cargo Dec 2015

          What a great idea with the t-shirts! I shall definitely do that, I was going to put their blankets in their crates aswell as they live in them! I am pick up the crates 1 week in advance and have them both live in those til the morning I carry them both in the cab on way to airport. They'll be in those crates even then! Thank you. Worrying because they're both so tiny!