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  • regular travel to Malaysia

    Within the coming years, I am planning to spend half the year in Malaysia -- with my dog (of course) -- and the other half of the year in continental Europe.
    Now that Malaysia has had outbreaks of rabies, can we hope to see a change in their policy of quarantining pets (despite zillion proofs of health and being rabies-free)? Otherwise, is there some sort of provision for those who are planning on a split year in Malaysia to avoid having to quarantine a pet each and every time? This is making me rethink my retirement plans...
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: regular travel to Malaysia

    Pepper - Malaysia has always required quarantine for pets entering the country except those from the UK, New Zealand, Brunei, Japan or Singapore. These regulations will most likely not change due to the breakout of rabies in 3 northern states. If anything, it has heightened their awareness of the problem. Once your pet leaves the country, it loses the "status" it has gained by living there. You can inquire if a titer test will waive the quarantine requirements, but it is a long shot. As for the EU, when you are there, get a titer test for your pet. The EU will consider it good for the life of your pet as long as the rabies vaccinations do not expire. That should take care of any problems when entering the EU from Malaysia.


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      Re: regular travel to Malaysia

      Thanks for responding, Susan.
      Sigh. Ah, lovely British legacy...
      It's tough enough trying to figure out one's retirement plans, I was pretty much set on this, but having to put a pet through quarantine (on top of long flights) twice a year or more is just not fair to animals. Time to rethink a well thought out plan... Not about to leave my side kick behind...