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Relocating cat from Australia to France

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  • Relocating cat from Australia to France

    I am relocating from Sydney, Australia to France (I have dual citizenship). If I was just visiting, I would not put my cat through it however I will be moving there to live. What are the best airlines and is there an airline that will allow a small pet/cat in the cabin for such a long-hall flight with unavoidable transfer?? I am able to find info for vaccinations etc but not airlines? Even considered traveling by boat in a private cabin if it would be easier on the cat (even though I get sea-sick!) Many thanks in advance for advice.

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    Le Chat - we would advise not flying Air France as they have a layover in Singapore an they will require that you clear customs and recheck your pet. That you will want to avoid doing at all costs. You may want to speak with Emirates or Singapore Air if they will fly your cat as checked baggage and ask them how they will care for your cat during their layover. This is a long trip and your cat should have a rest stop along the way. We know of no airline that will fly your cat in the cabin out of Australia. Regs for importing pets specify that they arrive in Australia as air cargo, so most all airlines serving the country do not allow pets in the cabin. The next best bet is checked baggage which is traveling in the cargo hold, unfortunately. It would be great if a commercial vessel that served Australia was pet friendly, but we are not aware of one.