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Fly Rabbit in cabin Dubai to Helsinki, Helsinki to Paris using Finnair

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  • Fly Rabbit in cabin Dubai to Helsinki, Helsinki to Paris using Finnair

    Hi All,

    Hope someone can help.

    So I will be travelling to Paris in a few months and I did not want to fly my 2 rabbits in cargo. After much research I found out the best airline to fly with would be Finnair who allow 2 adult rabbits to travel in the same soft bag under the seat in cabin. I telephoned customer services several times who advised me that the only requirement would be to present a health certificate at check in. I understood to get this I would also require the relevant import/export permits from UAE/France. They advised me to go ahead and book the flight and then to call customer service to add on the pets. When the customer service advisor went to add on the rabbits he received an automated message saying cats and dogs only. I cannot understand why this would be. I think it may be an error because 1. Finnair transports cats,dogs,rabbits and rodents in cabin and 2. The UAE legislation I can find only prohibits import of animals in cabin to the UAE but not export. Could this be an error because of the import requirements because I think it should be fine to export my rabbits in cabin?

    Please advise.

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    GB13579 - according to Finnair's pet policy, " it is not possible to travel with your pet to/via Great Britain, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and Australia." Note the "to/via" As "via means transiting, or through and not to, That said, according to IATA, "EXPORT: Pets can be exported as checked baggage or manifested cargo if holding official export certificate from UAE MOCCAE." As the initial representative gave you incorrect information and, as the information on their website is incorrect, you should be able to cancel your reservation without charge. That said, there seem to be no options for flying a live animal out of the UAE in the cabin unless it is a service animal.