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Indonesia to New York. (Cat)

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  • Indonesia to New York. (Cat)

    Getting my foreign cat into the U.S.

    I am looking to get my cat into the US (specifically from Indonesia). Could anyone provide any advice or tips on the best way to do this?

    I am open to either picking up my cat myself or hiring a door-to-door pet shipping agency. Iím finding, however, that the door-to-door option is expensive with an excess of US$2,600. Would the price to do this myself be low enough to make it worth doing over hiring a door-to-door agency?

    Around a year ago I rescued my cat when she was a kitten dying on a street in Indonesia. I hope to give her a better life in the US. If relevant, she is fully vaccinated by now.

    I am in the US now and would love to book a ticket to retrieve my cat. The main issue from what I can tell so far is import and export requirements within countries. Sticking to US carriers means traveling to Singapore and then to the US. So this means I would nee, export paperwork from Indonesia, import and export paperwork from Singapore, and import paperwork from the US.

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    Kikicookie - if you are not traveling with your cat, it must fly as air cargo which is a lot more expensive than flying with a pet in the cabin or as checked baggage. Many airlines will require that an agent book the transport for live animals flying as air cargo, so likely someone in Indonesia will need to book the transport. Can you tell us the exact route your cat will be traveling from and to? (city/country). Maybe there is a route where your cat can stay on the same airline and transit through any layover country.