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  • Pet Travel to South Korea

    Our son and daughter-in-law got transferred to Seoul. We where supposed to ship their dog (a Great Dane) out a week ago last Saturday as air cargo. Due to the temperature being too warm at both Detroit and Seoul, customs being closed on weekends in Seoul (so you can't ship a pet arriving on the weekend) and a small amount of regular wood in the custom crate that I built we where turned away. Then for rebooking the USDA health certificate APHIS Form 7001 was more that 10 days old, so we had to get a new one. So after getting everything rectified and good weather on both, the dog is supposed to be shipped tomorrow (Tuesday). Before driving the 225 miles to Detroit to drop off the dog, crate and paperwork I called Delta's Air Cargo today. Delta informs me there is a lock and no pets are being to South Korea at all. Delta can not provide any details. I called the South Korean Consulate in Chicago and they referred me to a telephone number for international customs at the Inchun/Seoul airport. But of course it's the middle of the night there and customs is closed.

    Can some one provide any more information on this restriction and when it went in to effect and when it may be lifted?


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    Re: Pet Travel to South Korea

    Paul - we have not heard of an embargo of pets traveling to South Korea. Just tried to get an online quote for your dog, but got a no flights message. Would call again and request information.


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      Re: Pet Travel to South Korea


      Our son, who is in Seoul got someone fluent in Korean to call the international air cargo at the Incheon/Seoul airport and Korea is still accepting pets/animals. I got an email back from a supervisor at Delta's air cargo in Detroit and the Embargo is strictly a Delta Embargo, she did not have any further information.

      However what our son found out is Customs at Incheon is closed on Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's. So this mean's no live animals can be shipped out Wednesday, Thursday or Friday because they would arrive Thursday evening after customs closes and sit all weekend unattended. Saturday would arrive Sunday evening and this should be OK as it would be like arriving any other weekday. So Saturday through Tuesday are the only days animals should be shipped from Detroit.

      Now, if you look at the weather for both Incheon/Seoul and Detroit from Saturday outward all of next week is out due to the temperature being 85⁰or above at one or both airports.


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        Re: Pet Travel to South Korea

        Paul - this must be frustrating, but it is for the safety of your son's pet and there are no exceptions. As we get into cooler weather, chances to coordinate the transport will improve.