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Travelling with 2 dogs from Manila via Taipei and Amsterdam

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  • Travelling with 2 dogs from Manila via Taipei and Amsterdam


    Just want to share my story.

    Me and my wife just moved from the Philippines to Denmark and brought one dog each inside the cabin. We only had 2 options - KLM or Turkish Airlines. We flew with KLM Manila-Taipei-Amsterdam-Copenhagen. We had to rebook our tickets because one of our dogs got sick because of the rainy season started. I just asked for a new transition permit from Taiwan and the send it per email the day after. I think they are checking their inbix every now and then to see if there is any urgent requests. Been emailing with them before a couple of times and they always replied quickly and in a nice way. When we arrived in Taipei we got a transit sticker and a woman told us to sit and wait. We had the permit ready, but they never asked for it. She just told us they faxed it to KLM and its already recorded in their system. We had no layover, since it was only a quick stop where we had to leave the plane for cleaning and then wait in the boarding area. We were the first to board because of the dogs which was nice and comfortable. The Taiwanese airport staff were very friendly and helpful also. I don't know the process if you have a long layover, but all in all we had a great experience in Taiwan.
    My wife brought a Shih tzu 8,2 kg including the bag, but the filipina officer just turned up the thumb and smiled at us, even the max was 8 kg. I brought a Shih tzu/Pomeranian mix 6,5 kg all in all, so no problem. We paid 200 $ per dog and got an extra seat for them all the way, which was unexpected, but super nice. The dogs had each their large sturdi bag and they fitted well under the seats. One flight attendant complimented the bag and told me she loves dogs and I should just ask if there was whatever problem. Both our dogs were barking all the time in the airports and we got a lot of attention. We trained them somebdays before and they were also sleeping inside the bags for some hours at home, but omg they went noisy at the airport. Also Foxy kept whining and barking the first half hour inside the plane, but then she was sleeping for the rest of the trip. My worst nightmare was that they would be noisy and they really were at times, but no one ever said anything negative, but I could feel some passengers felt annoyed. My wide also told me that one of the attendants was snobbish and arrogant. We were separated inside the plane because only one dog per cabin stretch. Most of the staff were very friendly and smiling, but of course don't expect everyone to be a dog lover. After departing I just took Foxy out of the carrier which I placed on the empty seat beside me and then she was sleeping on my lap under a blanket. No one said anything. I also gave her a little food on the way and some water. Just used the plastic cup from the plane. She was also wearing a diaper. The plane from Amsterdam to Denmark was smaller and I put the bag on lap, but the attendant told me to put it under the seat as I already knew, since I flew all the way from Manila. Didn't want to argue og tell her they allowed me on the other legs. Just said OK and put her under and she started crying. Then I used the upper window where I could slide my fingers inside between the licked zipper and gave her a treat. The bags are awesome... I just removed the pillows from the button and will put them bag now we are back home. Instead I went to the sewing shop and got 2 Velcro sewn on a wee pad instead. Then I added an old T-shirt as suggested here. 2 days before leaving I wrote the vet in Copenhagen airport and she asked if I could send a scan if the titer tests and she said thanks we are expecting you to clear customs. The woman on arrival just scanned the dogs chips and stamped the annex IV and smilednand said your dogs are allowed to stay legally. That's all I remember he he. It was a long haul, but finally we are at home and the dogs are sleeping, drinking and eating like crazy.

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    Re: Travelling with 2 dogs from Manila via Taipei and Amsterdam

    Orest - what great feedback. thanks for sharing.