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Taking 2 dogs from CA to PA

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  • Taking 2 dogs from CA to PA

    I have been trying to come up with the best way to move our dogs with us from CA to PA. We will not have the money to have them shipped, so they have to ride with us. We will be renting a moving truck of some kind and hauling our car on a trailer behind it. Our dilemma is how we are all to fit comfortably. My husband and I will be taking turns driving the truck. We do not want to drive the car, as we would have to pay gas for the second vehicle, and both have to drive the entire way. I feel that is a safety concern on a trip this long, both of us need the relief of the other driving for a bit.
    One of the dogs is an old cranky corgi, and the other a year old German Shepherd. I am concerned that there will not be enough room for all of us in the cab of the truck. The older dog cannot be next to the younger one in tight quarters or he will get frustrated and bite.
    I considered hauling the shepherd in a secured crate in the towed car with the windows open enough to allow good airflow, and even considered a battery powered air conditioner, but I am concerned about whether or not it is legal. Obviously, we would not do that if we move when it is too hot or cold. From the little I can find online, I am worried about doing it. Even though it seems much more humane than the cargo hold of an airplane, and dogs and other animals are routinely shipped in trailers!
    It looks more and more like we will have to fit all of us in the cab of the truck somehow , and hope we all get along. I know they used to have trucks with a small backseat area, but I can't find any rental company that still has them.
    Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this? Or had a similar experience?
    Does anyone know the cab space and seating in larger rental trucks, such as the 20- 24 foot models? We are considering Penske, U-Haul, or Budget. Thanks for the information!!

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    Re: Taking 2 dogs from CA to PA

    The best way to move your pets is in crates behind the seats in the cab of the truck. You should call these companies and ask them how big their cabs are. Usually, however, there is not enough room for storage in the cab of the truck for either of your pets. We are not aware of any laws that would prohibit you securing your pet in a crate in the car, however, not knowing how accustomed your dog is to traveling in a car, we would hesitate to advise. Obviously, the outside temperature is a tremendous concern. Perhaps one of you could travel in the car with your pet for a time to observe their behavior and the conditions in the car.