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Best airline for pet travel ?

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  • Best airline for pet travel ?


    I'm planning to travel in June from San Francisco to Toronto.
    I have a pomeranian, and planning to take her with me inside the cabin if possible, but I'm really nervous about it. AND I can't find a direct flight.

    Can anyone with experiences recommend the best airline for traveling with pet??

    And if anyone have bad experience with certain airline please let me know.

    And how do you control the barking? please don't recommend me to sedate my dog while flying, I'm against that.

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    Re: Best airline for pet travel ?

    I would not be too concerned. I have traveled with my pet dog in the cabin many times without any problem. Since your pet is traveling with you in the cabin your flight does not need to be direct. You will just carry the pet in its approved carrier between the gates. I recommend that you use a "pet calmer" such as these to make the pet more relaxed. Most all airlines accept small pets in the cabin as long as they are in an approved pet carrier that will fit under the seat. You must call the airlines reservations office to make a booking for the pet as they limit the number of pets per flight. It cannot be done online. You may wish to visit this webiste as they have all of the items needed for traveling with a pet including pet calmers and approved pet carriers.