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Question about Fluids and Car Travel

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  • Question about Fluids and Car Travel

    So, I have to make a fairly long drive in AZ where it's still (always) hot with my cat. This is a cat that is a little fussy at home and i have to give her chicken broth sometimes to get her hydrated, but she's really bad on the road. I want to ask what you guys think. Should I plan for maybe even doing subcutanous fluids just in case? Should I take frozen broth? I also found this article that seemed good but I haven't tried the product:

    Thoughts? Ideas? Help? I'm really worried about this cat and she's not super young. Thank you for ANY thoughts!

    Hailey and kitty

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    Re: Question about Fluids and Car Travel

    Haileystyles - it is always a good idea to keep your cat hydrated when traveling. You will be in an air-conditioned car (hopefully) and so, depending on the length of your trip, your kitty may not eat or drink during the ride. Once you get to your destination or a hotel, then likely she will eat and drink. Bringing frozen chicken broth is a good idea. The box kind packs well in a cooler.