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Flying with medium dog?

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  • Flying with medium dog?

    My dog is just a little over the limits for travelling in cabin (he's about 22 lbs and stands about 16 inches at the shoulder. We have a Sturdibag XL that he mostly fits in (he can just barely move around in it). I've heard mixed things about getting one onto a plane. Has anyone done it successfully? Or traveled with a dog his size? I really would like to fly with him, but I refuse to put him in cargo and it seems silly to do so when he's just a tiny bit too big. Will anyone actually ask me to see him stand and turn around?

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    Re: Flying with medium dog?

    Ukraine - hard to predict enforcement of the rules. Many airlines have weight limits, especially on international flights. Not sure how long your flight is and what type of airline serves your route but you can contact your airline and ask how much room there is under the seat in front of you. But as to your pup, would it be comfortable stuffed in a carrier for hours? Maybe a short trip...


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      Well i have never travelled with dog so I don't have any idea but before travelling with your pet you must consult with any crew member their.