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Flying with rescue pitbull mix

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  • Flying with rescue pitbull mix

    Hi everyone. So looks like I will need to fly girl out from LAX to NEWARK. I will be on the flight as well since I will be picking her up from a rescue in CA. She previously flew our with her rescue group on a adoption campaign in NYC a month ago. Even though in the end, everything went ok (back and forth), they had some initial difficulty with United due to her pitbull mix breed. So, just in case, I am in the middle of researching for an IATA-CR82 dog crate, but didn't realize how expensive it is. Although I would do anything for this wonderful, sweet girl, I also am trying to find a crate (within airline rules) that is within my financial range. This will be the only time flying her (one way). I'm just not able to afford a $700-$1000 crate compared to the $100 airline approved crates for NON-pitbull/pb mixed breeds. Would anyone have suggestions of where I could find a more affordable CR82. Again this is a ONE time use only.

    Thanks again in advanced!

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    Re: Flying with rescue pitbull mix

    Eli - depending on how big your girl is, one of these customs wood crates will suffice. They are not as much as a metal crate. Find them here (scroll down)>
    Hope this helps.