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Cat food and crossing the U.S. border

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  • Cat food and crossing the U.S. border


    Does anyone know if you can bring cat food over the United States border from Canada?
    My cat is on a prescription diet (canned, medi-cal mature formula, made by Royal Canin - some of the ingredients include chicken liver,chicken and pork)

    My husband and I are going to be driving from Canada to the United States and Mexico and will be gone for over a year - majority of our time will be spent in Mexico. I can't find any clear information on what is allowed over the border. We want to bring a years supply of food with us.

    Help, not sure what to do, we are seeing our vet soon so he might know, this is just something that had never even crossed my mind before!

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    Re: Cat food and crossing the U.S. border

    I know the restrictions from US to Canada are more strict than Canada to US, as long as the food is sealed in the manufacturer container there should be no problems and you cannot bring any food that contains lamb, sheep, or goat meat over the border. Make sure you check with the US Dept. of Agriculture to find out if there are any new restrictions.