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9 tips for traveling with your dog

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  • 9 tips for traveling with your dog

    Traveling with my dogs is one of the things I like the most! but not every time I take them with me

    Always, before traveling I value if you are really going to enjoy the experience.As you know, each of them has a different age, size, race and character, so it depends on the place and what you are going to do: I decide.Keep in mind that when you take your travel dog, everything should be adapted to it . Traveling is not the same without a dog.
    There are destinations where your dog will be more than welcome and in others that really will be a nightmare.

    Then I will give you 10 tips to keep in mind before traveling with your dog.

    1. Keep in mind if it will be a good experience for your dog
    2. Make a veterinary check on your dog before traveling.
    3. Adapt the destination of your trip to your dog.
    4. Plan well where your dog will sleep
    5. Plan what your dog will eat during the trip
    6. Be prepared for veterinary emergencies
    7. Carry a dog kit
    8. get travel insurance that covers your dog
    9. Plan the activities during your stay with your dog[

    So you don't forget anything, I've made a list of what I think is important to carry in your dog's suitcase.

    Courtesy : fundayholidays
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    Great advice, I love to travel with my dog puppy.
    Being an travel addictive and carrying pets specially my dog is what i love.


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      Thanks for your sharing, tip #9 is very important if your dog hasn't experienced a long-distance (car) trip. My dog got nervous on his first flight, although he was staying along with me. I tried to reduce his anxiety and distract the tension by giving a few treats and petting. Luckily, it works well. Additionally, I'd love to share more tips I used for the air travel with my pup:

      1. Choose a pet-friendly airline, most US and Canadian domestic flights are pet friendly.

      2. Add your pet to your ticket 48 hours before the trip

      3. Choose a suitable carrier, based on the requirement of your airline

      4. Prepare your trip in advance Crate training before your trip
      Familiarize yourself with the trip in advance
      Travel health certificate from a vet.
      Book a pet-friendly hotel
      Implant a Microchip
      5. During the day of travel Feed your service dog in advance
      Take a long walk longer than his daily walks
      Check in your dog at the ticket counter.
      Final bathroom break.
      Be courteous to the security crews
      Find current travel info for your dog or cat. Whether it pet passports, airline pet policies, pet friendly hotels or more; we have helped dog and cat owners for over 18 years. We can help you whether your pet is traveling domestically or internationally.


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        Well thanks for such a wonderful advice. I have also travelled with my dog and I really enjoyed it. If you have a loving pet then I think you don't need something else to enjoy. Spending time with my pet is what I love to do.


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          I often take my dog on trips, and I have not had any problems with it. My dog quickly gets used to the new place, and it doesn't cause her discomfort. However, the only thing that bothers me a little is that she does not move away. It is clear that when we walk, it is correct, but she even follows me around the house. For example, I can't go to the bathroom properly because she starts barking if I close the door. I am a person who likes to have a personal space, and therefore I am already annoyed by this behavior. At first, I thought that I just had a very caring dog, but on ([url][/url]), I read that this is a problem with its behavior, and I need to deal with these issues.
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