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Pet Identification - A Pet Owner's Responsibility?

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  • Pet Identification - A Pet Owner's Responsibility?

    It is a fact that 80% of lost pets are never reunited with their owners. Even if you don't travel with your pet, things happen. Cats wander; dogs dig a hole and get out of a fenced-in yard. All it takes is a second and your best friend is gone. The first thing that Animal Control will do is scan your pet for a microchip. If you have micro chipped your pet and registered your contact information with the manufacturer, you will be contacted and your pet will be returned to you. For a little cost and no discomfort to your pet, you can increase your chances that your pet can be identified. Also, if you ever decide to travel with your pet, even a trip in the car, a microchip is a necessity. Don't you agree it is worth the time and small expense?
    Yes, I have micro chipped and registered my pet
    Yes, it is important but I have not yet micro chipped my pet
    No, I do not feel it is important to microchip a pet
    I have other reservations about micro chipping my pet

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    Our dog has been lost so many times it is a miracle that we have located him every time without even though he doesn't have a microchip. I guess we assumed that it was an expensive procedure. If I get another dog in the future I will definitely consider getting my dog microchipped. It would save a lot of worry, time and effort spent in searching. Are there different brands of microchips? Where can this procedure be done?


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      You can get the microchip inserted when you have your pup neutered or spayed - our vet does it as part of the procedure. It's great too because our dog licensing procedure now collects all of the microchip information - so if your dog is lost and picked up by animal control - they'll be able to easily identify you as the owner.


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        The key to all of this is to register your pet. So many people get their pet micro chipped and don't bother to register. We get hundreds of inquiries from cities and counties asking if we have owner information for microchips we sell. Remember that the chip is no good unless the information behind it is accurate.