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The way to keep turtles healthy

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  • The way to keep turtles healthy

    Petting is one of the HOTs most current. Besides the pets close as dogs, cat turtle scene is also the choice of many friends. However, not all people know and know how to raise turtles properly. I refer to the following article to understand how turtles are always healthy.

    At present, the trend of raising turtles is loved by the budget is quite soft and easy to raise, and you can also bring this animal begging everywhere to 'show' to you. Although it is known that turtle farming is easy to implement, you still have to pocket the farming skills to keep them healthy.

    Choose the right tank to help the turtles get the most out of their care. Choose a tank of the right size for your turtle. When farming tortoises the most common tank type is the shallow tank. This type of tank will help turtles get out of the water for sun exposure daily.

    Young people should pay special attention to this issue as water turtles or turtles also need a certain amount of time in the water, when going to land for too long will affect the life of the turtle. In addition, changing the water at the farm also determines the health of the turtle.

    Many people change water regularly. However, this is one of the things that should not be done. When water is changed to new tanks, new water will cause turtles to adapt, leading to the death of turtles.

    In addition to having a proper tank, the temperature of the pedestal also determines your turtle. In order to make sure that the turtles should pay attention to the temperature around the tank, do not let it be too cold or too hot; the best temperature is 32 degrees.

    If on cold days, you should place the tank in a warm location or install a lamp system around the tank. What should the turtles eat? "Turtles eat what?" Is often the question. First of all, most new feeders often ask. Always regarded as one of the easiest animals to eat, so the food of the tortoise is also very simple.

    You can feed turtles a variety of foods from fresh to dry foods.

    Vegetables and fruits are one of the foods you should eat regularly. Some vegetables for turtles are kale, parsley, green beans, bell peppers, and corn.

    For fruits, *****s, bananas, pears, grapes, kiwi and melon are the things you can choose to eat turtles.

    - Meat: Meat is an important ingredient in turtle's diet. However, to help turtle eat more convenient, you should tear into small pieces when feeding. Crickets, worms, insects, beef, pork ... are the types of meat you can feed turtles.

    There are a few things to eat turtle that you should pay attention that when feeding turtles you need to be provided with adequate food daily, the amount of meat will be more than the amount of vegetables to help them grow faster. Probably when the adult turtles diet will be reduced and the ingredients will be more vegetables than meat.

    Just be aware of the tortoise farming techniques above that your turtle will stay healthy. Your turtles will eat a lot and fast.