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Where do you book for your dog to stay when going on holiday?

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    Re: Where do you book for your dog to stay when going on holiday?

    Originally posted by darrekbill View Post
    Its a good idea but if you are traveling internationally then its very difficult and expensive. and the best way is to leave your dogs at friends or family places .
    You are right Darrekbill. But you see, sometimes the problem is with keeping your dog at your friends or family place. Especially, in my condition. I own a 1 year old Dachshund and she is so very obsessed with us that if we leave her home alone for sometime. She wont be eating anything until we come back home. And if we plan to go out for longer, we have to look for the ways to get her along so that we can be sure that she is safe with us, and happy at the same time.
    Peace, Paws, Love


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      Re: Where do you book for your dog to stay when going on holiday?

      Originally posted by lemonandlime View Post
      My mother went to Spain this Summer for a short break and always has problems trying to find accommodation for her dog. She normally has to call round several hotels every year to see whether they will accept her dog and often has to pay an extra charge if Molly goes with her. This year, she went to Granada and was able to enjoy lots of nice long walks, see all the sights and be able take her best friend with her. Instead of a hotel she booked a holiday villa in Granada and was able to take Molly with her at no extra charge. In the past she has paid anything in excess of 100 for Molly to come too and to sleep on the floor.
      It was also a very flexible option for her in that she could dine out if she wanted to and leave Molly at home or even grab a few ingredients at the supermarket and made dinner at home. But with tapas available left right and centre, I get the impression that she didn't do that very much! She said the weather was fantastic while they were there and Molly had a fantastic time running around the beach during the day.
      So yes...just wanted to share this experience with you all as I have read a few posts of people having trouble trying to arrange accommodation and thought it might be of use to you!
      We have taken our two dogs to Provence in France, where we rented villa. It was a bit hot for the dogs, but they slept in the shade during the day. In the evening we took them out for walks in the fields or on the beach. They seemed to love it!


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        Re: Where do you book for your dog to stay when going on holiday?

        I have never had to bother about where to take my dog to when I'm going out of town. I have a friend who loves dogs as much as I do, so I just take my dog over to stay there for the length of time I won't be around. But now this thread has got me thinking about a situation where we both may not be around at the same time. I hope this never happens though.


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          Its not that hard to find a pet friendly hotel IMHO, however, it requires a little bit of effort to email or contact your chosen hotel. Most of the time they accomodate pets. Except really high end ones ( in my experience.


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            For me, a vacation would not be fun without my dog. So I take him with me wherever I go.
            Before pandemic times we stayed in hotels. Most hotels allow dogs here. In some countries, he is allowed in restaurants. On hot days I choose restaurants where we can sit outside. When walking around cities he is on a leash and many stores welcome him in.

            I enjoy seeing him enjoy life. He adds a great deal to all my adventures. People love to see him and pet him.

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