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Flying Dogs to Australia

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  • Flying Dogs to Australia

    Australia has pretty strict quarantine rules with any animals coming into the country for obvious reasons. The environment in Australia is very unique and is therefore strictly protected. will provide you with great information regarding any restrictions and information surrounding this.

    The quarantine facility in Mickleham, is in Melbourne ( a short distance from Melbourne airport). There are strict rules for entering the facility to collect dogs who have finalised their quarantine period. This is obviously to protect the facility. Most people recommend an agent to organise this, but this is actually not the only way to have your dog collected from the facility.

    We have used Smoosh Dog Transport to collect our dog from quarantine in Melbourne. They are an interstate dog transport company (travelling by road from queensland to South Australia and back) who then transported our dog to Brisbane - arriving the following day.

    The difference is, and agent would collect the dog and take it to a boarding facility near to Melbourne airport before onward travel, whereas Smoosh transported our dog directly. You also pay less because you are dealing with the transport company directly.

    This is not something you do every day, so I thought I would share my experience.

    Here is the company I used

    Stress Free Dog Transport by Smoosh?. Air Conditioned Dog Transport Services In Australia In Our Ultra Comfy Custom Built Vehicles.