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Labradore flying from britain to istanbul - please help

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  • Labradore flying from britain to istanbul - please help

    Hello, please help with my query. I am planning on travelling to Istanbul with my Labrador this Christmas, I was told by the vet that he needs his rabies vaccine 27 days before travel so I booking him in on time. Now I have been reading and checking the information and see that he needs a blood test 30 days after, how long will the blood test take to come back and is this needed before completion of pet travel certificate. I am now worried that I can't make it on time due to the required blood tests. If I book him in for rabies vaccine asap the blood test can be booked for 26th November and that will give me 3 weeks until travelling, is this time frame realistic? BW Gemma

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    Re: Labradore flying from britain to istanbul - please help

    Gemma - Turkey has adopted EU regulations and the process is as follows: first microchip, then vaccinate for rabies (in that order). Then wait 30 days, then do a titer test. The time it takes to get the results back varies depending on the lab that the sample is sent to. Technically, you must wait 90 days after the date the blood sample was taken prior to entering Turkey. However, we understand there may be an option for home quarantine if you cannot comply with the titer test time requirement. You should inquire to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to confirm you would qualify. (0312 287 33 60) You will need a health certificate issued 48 hours of arrival.