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Very bad experience Pet Safe United - international flight

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  • Very bad experience Pet Safe United - international flight

    My name is Amandine, and I travelled from Newark,US to Paris CDG,FR the 19 July with my two rodent pets with “Pet Safe” from “United”. During this trip we observed and were impacted by two major critical problems for the customer's (me) but and especially for the health of animals.

    I contacted Pet safe services several times, and I had no answer. I want to share this story with other pet owner to raise awareness.

    By far the most critical problem was the reception of the animals at Paris CDG.

    My Husband and I landed at Paris CDG at 11am. We were only able to get back our animals at 3:30pm after spending the entire afternoon working and working paperworks (in four different offices and several times by offices). The “Pet safe” people there had no idea of what they were doing nor they shown any care to help us. If we were not to have put pressure on them to do all the paperworks, we would not had been able to get our pets back!

    The first trouble comes from the location of the Pet safe reception area. After discussing for 20mn, not a single Airport taxis agreed to take us there -- either because it was not far enough, or because they refused animals. We had to go and complain to the Airport Taxis Administration to be able to have a taxi. We can not be the only one having this trouble, why were we not warned about this?

    Next, the address given to me from the pet safe agent was the wrong one.

    By the time we arrived, it was 12.30pm the agent at the reception told us that our pets were blocked “somewhere”. No valid information was giving to us, and the people told us to come back in 1h because the PetSafe offices was going to close for an hour of lunch break.

    Nobody warned us about that either.

    We missed our train to go to the other side of France (200€ of train ticket).

    After the lunch break, the agent told us that our pets were blocked because of an evacuation exercise, and that they could not do anything to bring our animals. I immediately contacted the PetSafe “head office” to explain the situation, following this was 2 hours of stressful active work with the Pet Safe agents. They made me go to 4 different locations to get paperwork by foot (20min of walk). The communication between the different agents was very bad, no one was aware on the situation.

    After several hours of this non sense, I got my pets from a disgusting, dusty, filthy warehouse, where huge engine were used to transport palet merchandise, this place was not proper to animals security and health.

    Plus I had to wait for the warehouse guy to move huge pallets before having my pets. I used Pet Safe services to have my pet taken care of with capable people and my pets end up in a filthy warehouse with merchandise? It is lying about their services, lying to the customer, and absolutely unacceptable.

    After having our animals with us and making sure that they were doing fine, we asked the pet safe office help to return to the airport, knowing that no taxi would take us. We were told to go outside (in the hot weather) and wait for the bus that come every hour with our animals. I am sure you are aware that such small fury animals are extremely sensitive to heat.

    This first part was related to the Pet Safe agency in Paris. Our second concern described below refers to a less-critical, but still unacceptable handling of animals in the Newark airport agency.

    We dropped our animals on Tuesday at around 4.30pm. The lady at the office (a tall african-american short-haired lady) was extremely unprofessional both with us and the animals. First, she spend a lot of time screaming at other people to talk about random and non-work-related stuffs (like elections, or about the fact that some customers are terrible, and that she can spot them right away). As you can imagine, animals were completely frighten. Because she was continuously screaming to other people, she did not pay any attention to her work: 1) She mixed the specificity of our animals with the animals of the previous customer (Rats instead of mices).2) She did not counted the number of animals (she wrote 1 instead of 2) -- All of that describe the fact that we brought two FDA approved health certificates. 3) She did not answer ANY questions we asked here. 4) She did not write correctly the destination address -- The written address was a strange mix of our animal names! 5) She did not write the good phone number (None of the digit were good). 6) When we told her that is was not the good address and phone number, she refused to change it, because this “Did not matter anyway”. It appears that this was partially the cause of the delay in Paris when PetSafe tried to contact us at some point. 7) She lets our pets on the filthy floor, while she urged us to leave. When we asked for our small animal crate not to be put right next to a dog cage, she became very rude and asked us to leave.

    At the same time, and while we were waiting, we saw the man in charge of caring the animals from the PetSafe office to the shuttle leaving the animals outside (in the hot weater) while SMOKING NEXT to the animals.

    Given what we’ve been through and what we saw, and considering the distress we were in, I wanted to be fully reimburse of my expenses. Also, and equally importantly, I wanted Pet safe to solve these issues. They did not react to my numerous emails and I was told on the phone to reach them by emails...

    The PetSafe services are very useful to many people. However, it is up to them to make sure their services are safe to the animals and up to the standard they are advertising.

    Video of the warehouse :