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Travelling to Spain from London

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  • Travelling to Spain from London

    Hello, could someone help me please? I need to travel with my small dog to Spain from London. She has passport and microchipped so I guess she just needs the rabious vaccination? I dont know what its the easiest way to do it. I am flying with easyjet to Gibraltar but I just read that easyjet does not allow pets. Could she fly with me? I am completely lost, could someone help please? I will be greatly appreciated!!

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    Re: Travelling to Spain from London

    Hello Sonia - you can find regulations for entering Gibraltar here: There are links to instructions if you need them. On the road transporting dogs today so will update the post tonight regarding flight info, but will say that you need to be aware that you need to travel within 5 days of your pet (does not have to be on the same airline) or the transport becomes commercial and the rules change.