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Two Miniature schnauzers into Paris April 15

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  • Two Miniature schnauzers into Paris April 15

    We are moving from New Zealand to live in Brittany. My husband is arriving in April and the dogs are following 7 days later landing at CDG as cargo.

    Our shipper says she has no information about where at CDG they would get picked up from. Online we see there is somewhere called an animal station. No googlemaps search shows where that is.

    Our french is basic and we are a little worried that John will have trouble finding out where to get the dogs from.
    Does anyone have information on where exactly they will be picked from please?

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    Re: Two Miniature schnauzers into Paris April 15

    Hello - if your dogs are arriving more than 5 days after your husband, they cannot travel under the Pet Travel Scheme so a different set of rules will apply. They will have to enter France at an approved Border Inspection Post and you need to give them at least 24 hours notice. Your vet will complete an Annex I form which must be done no more than 48 hours ahead of time. Your pets will arrive at the airline's cargo facility. Your airline can advise you on pick up procedures when your pet is traveling commercially.