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Bangkok to Montreal with my cat in cabin

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  • Bangkok to Montreal with my cat in cabin

    I will be travelling with Air France. I was told by Air France that I need to met the UE requirements even if I am only in transit for 2:50 hours. But my question is mostly during the trip. First leg of the trip is 12 hours + around 4 hours to go to airport.

    When should I feed my cat before leaving. Should I feed him on board and how many times.

    The second leg of the trip is 8 hours + 2 to 3 hours arriving in Montreal. Same question apply.

    Can anyone explain to me what is the best practice for a long trip like this.

    Does anyone know of a way to calm him down (only if necessary) which does not involve medication.

    Thank you for any suggestion.

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    Re: Bangkok to Montreal with my cat in cabin

    Air France is requiring that you clear customs and enter the EU just to board another Air France flight? That is a major concern for you unless your pet has been titer tested at least 3 calendar months prior to your travel. that may require some clarification from the airlines unless you are boarding another leg of your flight that is run by a code share partner.

    You should feed your pet 4-5 hours prior to traveling and not sooner. Keep water available, however as traveling can be dehydrating. There are companies that offer all natural pet calmers like this Maybe you can find it at pet stores in Bangkok. As for feeding, your kitty may not eat during the trip and it will not hurt them to skip a meal. You can slip them a hard kibble when they are in their carrier if they show signs of being hungry, but do not feed your cat too much. Stress can cause problems on a full stomach.


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      Re: Bangkok to Montreal with my cat in cabin

      Thank you very much, I will check with Air France since I will be using the same airline for the second leg of my travel.