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Labrador from USA to UK via Paris

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  • Labrador from USA to UK via Paris

    Hi, I'm trying to avoid the extortionate cost (as quoted to me via a pet travel agent ) of flying my Labrador back to the UK. We are originally from there so have a EU pet passport and up to date rabies etc... I have read American Airlines policy on pet travel as excess baggage but want to know if anyone has experience of transporting their pet with them as excess baggage. In addition I'm concerned as we fly in December and appreciate there's a extreme temperature policy. In the event that it's too cold for them to take my dog will I lose my airfare? I have spoken to American Airlines but they didn't seem sure! I'm thinking of driving to Texas to try and prevent this happening but I guess anything is possible! Once we have landed in Paris, I will hire a car to drive to relatives who will drive form the UK to meet us and take us into the UK. Does this sound feasible ? I would appreciate any comments or pearls of wisdom anyone has. Thanks.

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    Re: Labrador from USA to UK via Paris

    Sharon - from your post, it appears that you are planning to fly into Paris with your pets who will be traveling as excess baggage. Then, you will rent a car and drive to a city in France to meet relatives who will take you back to the UK (on LeShuttle?). This is very feasible and will avoid the manifest cargo and agent requirement in the UK. As for the temperature issue, the airlines get concerned when the temperatures fall below 45 degrees F. Some airlines will accept Acclimation Certificates which will testify that your pets are accustomed to colder temperatures. Obviously, if there are not prepared for lower temps, this is concern. Generally, pets traveling as checked baggage are an extension of their owner's passage, so there will most likely be additional charges to change your ticket if your pet cannot fly. With manifest cargo, the passage is separate from the owner's passage.