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Puppy travel from Germany to Canada

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  • Puppy travel from Germany to Canada

    Greetings: I am hoping to bring back a puppy from Germany, to Canada. I understand that I do not have to have a Rabies Vaccine if the puppy is under 12 weeks. I am hoping to have the puppy prior to 12 weeks and have it travel in cabin with me. I am a breeder but I have no intentions of transferring ownership of this puppy, but I do hope to breed it one day if all health clearances for the breed are met. My question(s): 1) What is the best Airline to travel on to/from Germany; 2) Because I am a breeder, do I have to do anything different than a pet owner? 3) If under 12 weeks, is ownership papers and a vet record of health enough documentation. If I am not able to get the puppy at under 12 weeks, and it is older, say 4-5 months, what do I have to do then?

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    Re: Puppy travel from Germany to Canada

    If your intention is to breed the puppy, then Canada will consider it a commercial import.