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importing a dog or cat

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  • importing a dog or cat

    I have a different problem. I volunteer at an animal shelter in a city with a large university. International students often adopt a dog or cat (or in one instance a rabbit) and then abandon them or return them when they return home. During the adotion process they "always" say they will take the pet home with them. What I want to know is what in detail do they have to do when they travel with a pet which is intended to stay in the receiving country. I want to be able to give them a handout that says what they will have to do and get their agreement that that is what they intend to do. I am mostly concerned with China and Japan.

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    Re: importing a dog or cat

    Tom - both countries are difficult to import a pet and there is quarantine required in both countries, which can be expensive. You can find the regs for China here: and for Japan here: Depending on where you are located, unless it is a country that is considered by these countries as rabies free, it may be a challenge for a university student.