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Travel from Caribbean to Canada with night layover in another country

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  • Travel from Caribbean to Canada with night layover in another country

    I really need some advice. I am in the British Virgin Islands. I have two cats, all shots, micro chipped.. Rabies free country. I will have no choice but to travel during peak summertime when the only choice I have is to bring my cats in cabin. As I am single, this means two trips unless I can convince someone to travel with me. I have not booked anything as I am trying to figure out my best options. There are no direct flights from EIS to Canada. I can ferry to St. Thomas USVI, or fly to San Juan, PR, St. Marteen or Antigua. These flights are with small carriers that may pose difficulties on their own. In my cats' best interest I think if I flew to St.Marteen with List or an airline that will take my cat onboard in summer, stayed overnight at a hotel and caught a direct flight the next morning with West jet to Toronto, would be the easiest route. But is it doable? These small airlines seem to only allow cargo pets, which to me means a hard case carrier. Then West jet and all others require soft carriers for cabin flight. This poses a problem or just abandoning the hard case at the airport. I also don't know how my cats will be treated when you are in transit through a different country and if there is an overnight layover. I think I can figure out what Canada requires but it's the middle step that has me stressed. I could travel by ferry from Tortola to STT and then catch a long flight with, usually, 2 stopovers and a change in airlines. Please advise as time is running out.