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Moving fish & rabbits UK to Italy

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  • Moving fish & rabbits UK to Italy

    Hi there,
    There’s a possibility my partner may be offered a job in Italy for a year. We’d love to take the opportunity but we have 2 rabbits and a tank of cold water fish to move from the UK. Do you or your members have any advice on:
    How difficult it is to find an airline that takes pets? How expensive?
    Can we even take the fish? Do they need a passport and vet check!?
    Is it fair to take them? Does anyone have any comments on how well 2 buns will cope with air travel?

    *Thanks ?

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    Re: Moving fish & rabbits UK to Italy

    Italy does not ban the entry of pet rabbits or pet fish.

    Almost all airlines will carry the rabbits as checked baggage although they will need o be vaccinated for rabies and be accompanied by the annex II veterinary certificate.

    Some people do carry small fish in a waterproof container in their carry on bag on short flights. The airline does not inspect carry on bags and there would be no entry problems.

    Each airline sets its own rates for transporting pets and they vary on EU flights from $100 to $150.00 a pet. However, you could probably put both rabbits in the same IATA compliant pet crate.

    Certainly the safest and perhaps the least expensive method would be to drive the animals. The ferry lines to France accept pets in the car and there are no border crossings to deal with.


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      Re: Moving fish & rabbits UK to Italy

      Nice surprise about this shorter form. Can you tell us what it is you are talking/writing about?
      Has any info. about this shorter form been posted before (and i just missed it)?


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        Re: Moving fish & rabbits UK to Italy

        Hi Kathrin - you can find out more about the Annex II form for Italy here:


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          Re: Moving fish & rabbits UK to Italy


          I agree with the administrator. the Link provided will give more information about what is necessary. It is strongly advised to seek further information from the relevant authority of your country and of the country of your destination.

          Find all the information possible before you start preparing the moving.