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Moving back to Thailand and Bringing my Cat

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  • Moving back to Thailand and Bringing my Cat


    I have found your website to be very helpful but still have so many concerns for my cat traveling with me to Thailand. I will be departing Norfolk, VA in May 2013 and am not sure which airlines to use. I would prefer to carry him up to cabin with me but he is a big cat (weighs 16 lbs.) and might have to go down in cargo. Another concern is the transit. Not sure if there would be a problem with transit in Tokyo or Hong Kong if we have to change planes/airlines. At least I have been in touch with an official in Bangkok Airport regarding the requirements to avoid my cat being quarantined. I am also considering a pet relocation company but really not sure what to do. Please advise.

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    Re: Moving back to Thailand and Bringing my Cat

    Thailand is pretty straight forward - the usual rabies and Aphis form 7001 for pets traveling from the US. An import permit is required and you must notify them in advance of arrival. The animal quarantine officer is only available some hours and apparently not on the weekend.

    I don't think your kitty could travel in the cabin. Most of the airlines are limiting travel time in cabin to 10 hours with a few allowing it for 12 hours.

    If you fly into and out of an airport on the same airline and the layover is roughly two hours or less then neither Japan or Hong Kong would be a problem.

    If you do have to change airlines and go through immigration, then Japan is a problem as they require a blood titer.

    You might consider breaking the trip into two pieces and then perhaps the cat could travel in the cabin. You would then comply with both the requirements of Thailand and of the intermediate country but you has time to do that. The cat would then get a break from what could otherwise being stuck in a pet crate for up to 24 hours.