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  • Pet Sitting Rates

    Basic Pet Sitting Rates
    For 30 minutes dog walking, professional pet sitter charges around $20 as a basic daily rate. Some pet sitters do multiple daily visits for dogs and single visits for cats and charge accordingly. You may give options for longer or shorter visits with the prices adjusted accordingly.

    Additional Pet Rates
    Some professional pet sitters will charge additional fees for additional pets and this may be $5 for each additional pet. The pet owners expect to pay you minimum cost for additional pets.

    Overnight Stay Rates
    If you are asked for providing overnight pet sitting services, you can charge $75 per night. These pet sitting fees may be varying with professional pet sitter and it is up to the convenience of the pet sitter.

    Pet Taxi Rates
    In case of transporting pet to some other location or to carry pet to vet you can charge extra fees for these services. These charges are up to the pet sitter and the pet sitter has to charge by keeping in mind about the distance, mode of transport, travelling hours like that.

    These are the simple breakdown of the pet sitting rates in the Pasco County area of Florida. It should at least give you an idea of what to expect to pay in your area, so you can provide the best deal.
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    Re: Pet Sitting Rates

    I don't know about charging by the hour. Are you going to care for dogs in a sort of "doggy daycare" situation where you don't have them for several days, but just for a few hours? Or are you going to actually keep them while owners go out of town? In which case an hourly rate would not be best, but maybe a daily rate. Whatever the case, look up what boarding facilities in your area charge for these services and go from there