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Puppy from UK to Sweden as carry on baggage

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  • Puppy from UK to Sweden as carry on baggage

    Hi ,
    could someone advise me , I have a puppy under 3 months that is going to live in Sweden where his new owner lives.
    Are there any airlines from the UK that the puppy can fly in the cabin as carry on hand luggage ?
    The plan is for the new owner to fly over and me meet them at the UK airport where the puppy can fly back to Sweden in the cabin, I understand that as long as puppy is under 3 months and a certain weight then this should be ok. He is already microchipped and passport (no rabies vaccs as not needed as he is under 3 months).
    I know City Airlines used to do this no problem but they are no longer in buisness.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Puppy from UK to Sweden as carry on baggage

    The world's airlines almost universally do not accept pets in the cabin who have not been vaccinated for rabies. At 3 months this pet is probably too young to be vaccinted. It will need either the Annex II veterinary certificae for Sweden or a Blue Pet Passport to enter Sweden as checked baggage.


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      Re: Puppy from UK to Sweden as carry on baggage

      Thank you for your reply ,
      as the pup is coming from the UK and into Sweden he doesn't need rabies vaccs as he's under 3 months, we already have the blue passport sorted.
      A freind flew hers last year on City Airlines but they are no longer in business we are now trying SAS airlines to see if they allow pups in the cabin. To fly him as cargo we now have to use an agent , we can't book the flights ourselves, so this works out expensive.