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After the Flight - What to do?

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  • admin
    Re: After the Flight - What to do?

    Any type of exercise is a good thing after periods of confinement. After being away from their master during times of stress, it will be a welcome reunion and lots of attention would be in order as you reconnect.

    You can ask the vet about your kitty, but it is not uncommon that pets take a few days to return to normal. As always, hydration is very important.

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  • michaelgill1969
    started a topic After the Flight - What to do?

    After the Flight - What to do?

    Can anyone share what they do after a flight to calm pets down and help them settle in?

    I have a friend who is bringing in two large dogs this week. I was wondering about these flower essences. What is in them? Valerian? Melatonin? Chamomile? Would you recommend them or not?

    BTW, I know that one NEVER tranquilizes a pet before a flight so don't worry.

    Also, my kitty is a frequent flyer. After every flight, he refuses to eat much for a day or two. Also, he never goes to the bathroom during the flight and I've noticed that he has trouble afterwards. Does he need a laxative after a flight? Does anyone have any suggestions for me to discuss with my vet? He's a very healthy and well-cared-for cat, so I'm not too worried, but if there is anything I can do to make his life better....